Robotics: Not your average 4H competition

Published: Jun. 11, 2019 at 5:57 PM CDT
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The green carpet is being rolled out for the 4,000 people in Aggieland for the Texas 4H Roundup. It's the largest gathering of 4H members in the country.

The Texas 4H Roundup has around 50 diverse competitions that tie in with the many projects that 4H has to offer. Events cover topics from food and nutrition competitions, public speaking, and robotics.

"People don't always believe me when I tell them. They always ask 'oh, what animals do you do' and I'm like 'no I do robotics', and they're like what's robotics," said Cynthia Bashara, a 4H member from Buda.

Bashara has been competing in robotics at the 4H Roundup since it started four or five years ago.

"It's fairly new. There were six teams and now we're here and there's 24. It's been really cool to see it grow, meet different people from all over the place and I love it," said Bashara.

"It's very important because I know in school and, at least in colleges, there are not a lot of kids going into that and this just give them in high school the drive to want to do more of this," said Leah Milton, Manager Blackstar 4H robotics club in Tarant County.

There will also be all the regular 4H competitions like a livestock show, but it's about more than the competition.

"We're giving them hands on experience. They can take that knowledge and become productive citizens, we're teaching them public speaking, engaging and be able to think on their feet," said Jana Barrett, the Texas 4H Roundup coordinator.

"It's fun to come here at roundup and be able to meet teams from all over Texas and get to see their views and all the different designs they've come up with and how they're varying and different from my own," said Bashara.

Starting Tuesday night, 200 scholarships will be handed out totaling $2.4 million.

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