Unborn baby cut from missing Chicago teen's womb, source says

CHICAGO (WBBM/CNN) - An infant is in critical condition and a young woman dead after a horrific attack.

Police said Marlen Ochoa was strangled to death and her baby cut out of her wound after she was lured to a home. (Source: WBBM/CNN)

Authorities said 19-year-old Marlen Ochoa was lured to a home after vanishing on April 23. She was then killed and her unborn baby was cut out of her womb.

Police are questioning four people in connection with the crime.

On Wednesday, Ochoa's mother received the call she feared since her daughter went missing three weeks ago.

Ochoa's body found overnight in the Scottsdale neighborhood.

Authorities said she was strangled, her death ruled a homicide.

Her mother said she didn't deserve what those people did to her, and that they deserve to be prosecuted to the fullest.

"(She) was always that good friend that you could always lean on," said Nadia Herrera, a family friend.

Tuesday, four people from the same home were detained.

Sources said they are now being questioned in connection to Ochoa's death.

Police were in that backyard for hours continuing their investigation.

"There was a group page. I think it was called 'Help a sister out,' and a woman, who was later the one who called 911, said she had a baby, she was giving clothes away," said Cecilia Garcia, a family spokesperson.

Before Ochoa went missing, a Facebook post shows her chatting with the woman who offered free baby clothing.

They made plans to meet up.

The same day Ochoa was reported missing, paramedics were called to the Scottsdale home where a 46-year-old woman had reportedly given birth.

That baby, sources say, belonged to Ochoa, not a 46-year-old woman.

Wednesday night, neighbors came with flowers to say goodbye.

"You have to put yourself in her family's shoes and they must be heartbroken, and they want everyone to pray for them, and this is why I wanted to bring her flowers," said Gabriel Mendoza, a neighbor of Ochoa.

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