Local woman mugged in mall parking lot shares her story

COLLEGE STATION, Tex. (KBTX)- It was last Friday when three juveniles were apprehended and charged for a robbery that happened outside of Post Oak Mall.

The person who they robbed was Misty Acton.

"All of a sudden there were two arms around me from behind and two men grabbed me,” said Acton.

Acton told police she was walking in the Post Oak Mall parking lot when she was mugged from behind. She says they grabbed her purse and shopping bags and drug her 15 feet. She was able to give police a full description of the vehicle which later crashed near 24th and Neel in Bryan.

“I never would have thought anything like that would happen to me and not in college station and in broad daylight at the mall,” said Acton.

College Station Police say Acton’s description of the suspect’s vehicle was a big help in catching them. They also say this is a reminder to always be on your toes.

"No matter how large or small a community is crime can happen anywhere so we always want to make sure that we're aware of our surroundings pay attention to what's going on,” said Lt. Craig Anderson with College Station Police Department.

Acton says the incident has her shaken up but it isn’t going to stop her from living her life. She says she's usually pretty alert in situations when she's alone but her guard is up even higher now.

"I'll be even more aware of my surroundings but I can't let it take over my life,” said Acton

Acton was able to recover most of her items including a Mother's Day gift she had just purchased.

The teens were in a stolen car from Waco. Their names have not been publicly released because of their ages.