Florida woman spanks stepson, 26, for missing curfew, police say

Branch-Galloway admits to whipping her adult stepson 30 times, but denies he ever told her to stop. (Source: Pexels)
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LARGO, Fla. (Gray News) - Valerie Lee Branch-Galloway gave her stepson two choices when he missed his midnight curfew.

He could either tell his father he was 30 minutes late or he could "take the licks."

The young man opted for the spanking

Judeo-Christian teachings show sparing the rod will spoil the child. Even so, police in Largo told WTSP this was no child.

He is 26 years old.

Branch-Galloway reportedly struck him 11 times in the rear with a leather belt before he asked her to stop. She denied his plea for mercy, telling him he had 19 more blows to go, officers said.

Police arrested her Wednesday and charged her with domestic battery. She has since been released on bail from the Pinellas County Jail

Branch-Galloway told investigators she did whip her stepson 30 times with the belt but denied he ever asked her to stop.

Police said she's been his stepmother for 13 years and he's been living with her for three months.

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