Local mom's debit card stolen outside of College Station pool

COLLEGE STATION, Tex. (KBTX) - Saturday, Kristen Royder and her family headed to the pool for a birthday celebration. What she didn’t know is how much money she’d lose that day.

Royder says she was in Adamson Lagoon’s parking lot when she dropped her debit card. She says it didn’t take long before she realized she didn’t have the card, and when she went back to look for it, it was gone. She says she canceled the card within 30 minutes, but it was too late. Someone had found it and quickly racked up nearly $100 in charges.

Royder says there was a couple at the pool that day acting suspicious and believes they're responsible.

"I looked through the bags several times, looked in my vehicle. My kids were like, 'Mom, you probably just misplaced it or something.' But in my gut feeling, I knew that that couple took it,” said Royder.

Charges were made at CVS on Texas Avenue and Southwest Parkway and the Shell gas station on Welsh Avenue and Southwest Parkway. Royder says CVS told her they have a video of someone using her card and that video will be sent to police.

College Station Police confirmed they are investigating and say they have some possible suspects.