Electric scooter company to begin pilot program in Bryan

BRYAN, Tex. (KBTX) - Electric scooters will soon be rolling into the city of Bryan. A South Carolina-based business called "Gotcha Mobility" will be the first to test them out in the Brazos Valley.

In 30 to 60 days, the scooters will be deployed in Downtown Bryan and on the Blinn Campus. The Bryan City Deputy Manager Joey Dunn said they're testing the scooters for at least six months. Some business owners in Downtown said it could be a good idea.

"One could go from this end to the other end rather quickly, that's good. There's no noise, so it's not it's going to bother the customers, and there's no gas involved," said Edwin Davis, the owner of Ed's Bookshop. Another business owner agreed it would be beneficial for transportation in the district.

"I've walked from south to north before, and if it's hot outside like it is today, it's not something you want to do. I'd much rather get in my car, but if there's a scooter, I'd rather use a scooter," said Janak Patel, the owner of the La Salle Hotel.

Both business owners also see the drawbacks of the scooters based on experience. Patel said he's seen the scooters not parked in the proper spots in Austin, and Davis said he noticed the scooters were "everywhere" when he visited Paris, France.

"On the sidewalks, on the streets, in the parks, the courtyards of the museums. They were everywhere. Laying on the sidewalk, a threat to pedestrians walking, so that does concern me if it's not governed properly," Davis added.

Dunn said the city's main goal is to address any concerns and lessons learned from other communities. He added that there is no cost to the city to use the scooters and that Gotcha paid a $500 licensing fee to operate in the city.