Local business donates new furniture to veteran support group

TEXAS A&M UNIVERSITY, Tex. (KBTX) - A week out from Veterans Day, employees at a local business gave a big donation as a way to say thank you to a local veteran support group.

The folks at the Texas A&M University Veteran Resource & Support Center recently moved out of their old space in the Koldus Building and into a new spot at the Memorial Student Center.

Ashlyn Sharp is enlisted in the Air Force and works at the center as a student worker. She said she enjoys the new center.

"I like this location so much more though because it's a lot more spacious and we have a lot more room to move around," Sharp said.

She says while the space is new for them, the furniture is not.

"We have the hand-me-downs from years past, and moving into a new place, we should have some new furniture to give it a new lease on life," Sharp said.

But on Monday, they were given all new furniture donated by the local Wayfair in Bryan.

"I think this is really awesome. A lot of the community here in College Station is willing to help out the veterans' office so it says a lot about Wayfair that they want to help us out in that capacity," Sharp said.

Wayfair said this was all made possible through its veterans' group within the company

"It was just a way for us to say, hey let's recognize the veterans that are here locally in our facility and for us to make an impact not only in the facility but also the community," said David McCullar, senior customer service manager at Wayfair.

He said this was their way of thanking them for all they do.

"They served our country and it's up to us to provide that back to them. This was really just a true honor for us to be able to give back just a little bit of what they've given to us," McCullar said.

Wayfair said they have plans on furnishing homes for veterans in our community next year.