Community members seek to help those most vulnerable to COVID-19

BRYAN, Tex. (KBTX) - COVID-19 is forcing all of us to live differently. For those most at risk like our seniors, self-isolating can be difficult.

Teresa McLaughlin, a College Station resident, wants to help those who are most vulnerable during this time.

"We're aiming at the elderly or the at-risk population. Those who, for whatever reason, cannot get out of the house and do things for themselves," said McLaughlin.

Although COVID-19 is keeping a lot of people indoors, McLaughlin says there are still ways to help those in need. That's why she created

"Just a few words of what you could use some help with and then we'll match you up based on those needs," said McLaughlin.

Every person in need will be paired with a volunteer. McLaughlin says folks are willing to help with just about anything.

"We've had people list that they'd be happy to do some light gardening, or walk your dog, or feed you cat," said McLaughlin.

Right now more than 50 people have signed up and are ready to help. There's just one problem.

"We have not received even one request for help," said McLaughlin.

McLaughlin says they want to get the word out and start helping their neighbors.

"That's what your neighbors are for and they're here and they want to help," said McLaughlin.

If you want to help, or need some help yourself click here