850 pounds! Rudder High School senior breaks state squat record

BRYAN, Tex. (KBTX) - At the state powerlifting meet on Saturday, Rudder High School student Clifford "Quad" Chambers broke the state squat record with a lift of 850 lbs.

"It felt really good,' said Chambers, a senior on the Rudder powerlifting team.

While breaking the record was a major accomplishment for Chambers, he says it's just what he does.

"I look at 850 as I look at 800. I had that same mindset. It's just another lift," said Chambers.

"850 early in the day just really got us going. Since it's the first lift of the day, breaking the state record. From then on, he personal record on bench, then he personal record on deadlift, so it just really got us going and he did a great job all day Saturday," said Daniel Mitchell, the powerlifting coach at Rudder High School.

Chambers first realized he was good at the sport his freshman year.

'We were in here working out maxing out and found out I could squat 500 so that's how it all started," said Chambers.

His coach says Chamber's talent helps draw kids into the weight room.

'We're practicing before state and did 825 and had probably 40 kids in here watching it, so anytime we can get kids in the weight room and excited about lifting it's important for us," said Mitchell.

Chambers knows his talent is unique.

"It's a blessing not everybody has this kind of strength so it's rare you can find people that can 850 pounds so it's a blessing I see it as God gave this talent so why not use it," said Chambers.

Chambers placed third at state. He says he was going for 900 lbs. this weekend and may try it out sometime at school.