89-year-old woman gets a long-awaited Zamboni ride

Published: Mar. 6, 2018 at 7:31 AM CST
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In trending news this morning, an 89-year-old woman gets the ride of her life, a robot uses thermal imaging to cook perfect burgers, and Pizza Hut Pie Tops are back and better than ever.

First up, an 89-year-old Illinois woman is checking an item off her bucket list. For 25 years, June Rowel has worked at a sports arena where her late husband, Jack, used to drive the Zamboni machine at hockey games.

June says she's always wanted to ride on a Zamboni herself and on Sunday afternoon her wish came true. She said it was an experience she will never forget.

Also trending, "Flippy" the burger flipping robot cooks at a chain called "CaliBurger". The robot uses thermal imaging, 3D and camera vision to sense when to flip and remove burger patties from the grill. Cheese and toppings are added by a human co-worker.

Lastly, Pizza Hut Pie Tops are back. Pizza Hut, the Official Pizza of the NCAA March Madness partnered with Dominic Chambrone "the Shoe Surgeon" for the second iteration of the only shoe that orders pizza at the push of a button.

Not only does the Pie Top II order pizza, but this year's version – which comes in two colors (red and wheat) – also pauses live TV. A button inside the tongue of the other shoe will pause the game so March Madness fans do not have to miss a minute of the action.