A "Meteor Outburst" happens Thursday Night, but you probably won't see it, Brazos Valley

Published: Nov. 20, 2019 at 9:12 PM CST
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One of the rarest and least-understood meteor storms is expected to occur Thursday at about 10:50pm (CST).

While there are only four recorded instances that this event has been seen since 1925, scientists believe the next display will take place Thursday, November 21st. It expected to be a short-lived show. The maximum amount of fireballs streaking across the sky is only anticipated to last 15 minutes, with the whole thing ending within 40 minutes.

They call it a "Meteor Outburst!" Why? Meteor rates could run anywhere from 100 to


1,000 per hour!

Want to get out and see this phenomenal sight streak across the Brazos Valley sky? Tough luck...

The sky will be cloudy. That means the viewing conditions will be poor locally.

Equally as disappointing: as of now, there is no telling when the next Alpha Monocerotid outburst will light up the night sky.

More details about this event,


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