Big boom of new eateries coming to College Station

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COLLEGE STATION, Texas- The options you'll have as you head to dinner with family and friends is expanding, just like the City of College Station's population.

"Ground zero for redevelopment is at University and Texas," said Natalie Ruiz College Station's Economic Development Director.

"One of the biggest projects we have under construction now is the Embassy Suites located at Jane and University Drive," she continued. "It's removing $1.6 million off the property tax rolls and replacing it with $38 million, so it's a huge win for the city, county and the schools in terms of property tax revenue."

If you've driven down Texas Avenue, you've passed the Aggieland Inn, or what many know as the old Ramada.

"The tower that's located closer to the Jack In The Box is being converted to a Wyndham Trip. It's completely gutted, completely redeveloped," said Ruiz.

The other half of that property is being re-purposed for retail. Wayback Burgers is the only tenant that's been announced.

Back toward University could come two popular franchises.

Ruiz said, "In front of the Embassy Suites where the Vet Clinic used to be, it's currently vacant. We're reviewing plans now for a Dunkin' Donuts and Marco's Pizza."

By now, you've probably heard Pappadeaux's will be where the Scott and White clinic used to be off University Drive.

"You'll notice there was a creek that used to run underneath the building, so there's a lot of dirt work that needs to happen to fill that back in and relocate the drainage," said Ruiz.

The city said its growing population is bringing more interest to the area.

"We are attracting the attention of major retailers that we hope will lead to some of the larger big box retailers that will also come in. That has a huge impact in terms of property tax and sales tax growth in funding basic services," said Ruiz.

Some other restaurants to keep your eye out for in College Station are Zoe's Kitchen, Blaze Pizza, Mo's Irish Pub, Berryhill Baja Grill, HopDoddy's Burger Bar, Tiff's Treats, and Black Walnut.

At this time, there are no dates for when these restaurants will be open.