Where adult oriented business can operate in Bryan/College Station

Published: Sep. 18, 2018 at 4:43 PM CDT
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Planet K in Bryan is still open for business. The last few days they've been operating in their parking lot because power is shut off to the building off Texas Avenue.

Right now, they're selling things like smoking paraphernalia, but other locations sell more adult themed items.

The City of Bryan requires adult businesses be in industrial zoned areas. It makes sure those businesses are away from schools, churches, hospitals and residential areas. A nearby daycare and other neighbors are upset with Planet K. Andy Krammer, a retired professor, lives near Planet K and doesn't understand the fuss.

"It's not a social issue. It's not a religious issue. If they're offended by it, they shouldn't go there. I can't imagine being offended by someone's who's making a living selling legal products," Krammer said.

“Having taught World War I and World War II and Nazi German history at Texas A&M for 41 years, I am more offended by the prospect of people shutting down a store they don’t like than I am about allowing them to sell what they want," he said.

"If nobody wants it then they’ll go out of business," said Krammer.

Over in College Station, don't expect to find a business like Planet K on University Drive or Texas Avenue. While smoke shops can go in commercial areas, adult oriented products are restricted.

"I'm not extremely familiar with Planet K's business model, but the city does accommodate for all legal uses including sexually oriented businesses. However they would be subject to additional requirements," explained Rachel Lazo, a College Station Staff Planner.

“There are some very specific definitions for types of sexually oriented business, so when it comes retail at any point if there is sexually oriented material in the store it would be considered a sexually oriented business," she said.

College Station's zoned area for sexually oriented businesses is the area by the old Silk Stocking site. Earlier this year, the city updated the zoning around the former club area from rural to general commercial. There have been no applications for new business at that property. City staff said it will still remain the designated area for sexual oriented businesses.

Residents, including Krammer, say Planet K need to get some of their problems in order.

"I think that they should have gotten the permit before they started this building or taking over that building," he said.

While the City of Bryan allows adult entertainment businesses in industrial areas, city staff said there are still some limitations on items that can be sold.