Video game helping local students learn calculus

Published: Feb. 13, 2017 at 10:37 PM CST
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Across the nation the rate of Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics students failing calculus is increasing.

Triseum, a Bryan based company, is creating an alternative way to learn the course through a video game.

“Every game teaches you something,” said Andre Thomas, the founder of Triseum.

It’s an idea Thomas is using to help transform education. Four weeks ago the company launched Variant, a video game to help students learn calculus. According to the Mathematical Association of America, 38 percent of students are failing Calculus 1 courses.

“I see students struggling and they want to learn. Nothing has really changed dramatically in education for the past 100 years,” said Thomas.

Thomas says a large portion of students are already playing video games four or more hours a week. The goal is to make learning fun again.

Triseum was born out of the LIVE lab at Texas A&M University. Not only is the company helping students succeed in college, but it's giving local students job opportunities.

“My school work framed what I could do here, but definitely beginning in the LIVE lab and working with Andre gave me footing into this industry,” said Emily Vincent, a concept artist.

Thomas says the ultimate goal is to help more students graduate and become a high quality learning tool.

There will be three more games in the Variant series. The company has also launched a game to help art students.