A year after passing, 41 acts of service honor legacy of late former President

COLLEGE STATION, Tex. (KBTX)- One year ago Saturday, former President George H.W. Bushed passed away. On this anniversary, in honor of his memory, current students and graduates of the Bush School of Government and Public Service gave back to their community.

Image Source: US Navy / Jason Winn / MGN

All around the country, 41’s legacy was honored with 41 acts of kindness.

Aaron Rochow and a few fellow students decided to give back by hand-delivering goods to a local homeless shelter.

"We tried to bring over some toiletries and household items for the people they support,” said Rochow.

Just a few miles down the road, former student Marty Mulgrew is raising money by selling t-shirts for a local charity that helps provide vehicles to families in need.

"What OnRamp does really makes a tremendous difference in the people they are impacting,” said Mulgrew.

These are just two of the 41 acts of service that current students and graduates of the Bush School performed throughout the country.

“Even though we try to honor his memory every day and try to perform selfless acts in the community, we thought today would be a great way to do something special in memory of him and the person he was,” said Rochow.

George H.W. Bush served his country in many ways. He was a Navy pilot, a diplomat, and the 41st President of the United States. All the while, he encouraged others to be what he called, a Thousand Points of Light in their community.

"We want to be public servants,” said Rochow. “We want to help people out; we want to make a difference in our communities. That's the kind of person he was and that's the kind of people we want to be too,” said Rochow.