A/C techs say now is time to tune up systems for spring, summer

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BRYAN, Tex. (KBTX) - Friday turned out nice besides some late afternoon storms but warm weather is heating up fast. Early this week temperatures hit 90 degrees in Bryan-College Station.

Air conditioning experts say the time to tune up your system is now.

"You don't want to get home at night from work and then all of a sudden you have no cooling system," said Chad Hovde, a Bryan resident.

He has his home A/C system tuned up for the spring and summertime every year.

"One of my units, they had to adjust the Freon level a little bit, which keeps it cooling properly. That's something that I'd have never known unless they'd come out and checked it," he said.

"When the air conditioner starts working really hard, that's when those components start failing. So we want to make sure they're good now before it gets hot," said Walter Boggan, a Senior Service Tech with R.M. Mullinix. "That's the reason why we do maintenance and we check those items," he said.

He said business is picking up.

"This is your outdoor coil. We're making sure that it's clean. Check the blower, make sure they are clean. Condensate drain line. Number one thing that seems to be a big failure. Condensate drain lines need to be cleaned yearly," he added.

Some maintenance that can save money in the long term.

"Absolutely. It's better than replacing the whole thing," added Hovde.

A/C experts recommend you call them for service twice a year to have your air conditioning and heating systems checked.