A&M Consolidated Floral Design class stays busy for holiday weekend

COLLEGE STATION, Tex. (KBTX) -- A&M Consolidated High School’s Floral Design class is busy this week filling orders for Valentine’s Day. However, the instructor, Amber Jones says they’re pretty busy all year long.

“Valentine’s Day is pretty busy but as a teacher and as an event planner, I would say it’s busy year-round. Since January, it’s been every week, so it’s been kind of crazy,” said the instructor Amber Jones.

The class is only for students at A&M Consolidated High School for sophomores, juniors, and seniors.

“You learn the basics first, which is all of the combinations and the scientific names of flowers, and then you get to learn basic designs,” said A&M Consolidated High School junior, Ashlynn Hawkins.

The students get a lot of their ideas from the internet, but they also take requests from the customer, too. The class gets a lot of flower donations, but Jones says roses and eucalyptus are asked for a lot.

Each piece takes a little bit longer because the students are still learning, but this class is preparing a lot of them to get their floral certification.

“It certifies us to work anywhere in the industry. We could work as wholesale, design, product manager. It just kind of gives us free rein to work anywhere in the industry,” Hawkins said.

If you’re interested in ordering from Jones, send her an email at amberjones@csisd.org.