A&M Consolidated student helps others with an app

Published: Sep. 22, 2016 at 6:24 PM CDT
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It was a typical Wednesday at A&M Consolidated High School, but one student tried to make sure others’ day was anything but typical.

Cara West is a freshman and ambassador for Sit with Us, an app that lets students like West invite others to sit and eat lunch with them.

"It just trains you to meet new people in a different way, not just walking up to them. You can sit down and have lunch with them and not be scared to talk," West said.

As a Sit with Us ambassador, West and her friends set up lunch events in the app and welcome in other students who may not have anyone to eat with to join them

“It feels awesome because it feels like you can make their day or their month or even their year better. They could be going through something so hard at home and come to school and get away from all that and to have friends to rely on, that’s going to be fun,” West said.

West first heard about the app through her mom, but wasn’t immediately sold on the idea. In fact, she initially said no.

“Then I actually took it into consideration, and I liked it when I read about it,” West said.

West says while the app is great, there’s one simple rule you can always follow.

“You can’t just be real standoffish, you have to be friendly, and you have to be nice and be able to welcome people in,” West said.