A&M students win competition with dehydration detection pacifier at SXSW

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AUSTIN, Tex. (KBTX) - A group of four Texas A&M students won the latest Aggies Invent competition with their dehydration detecting pacifier.

The competition was held March 11th and 12th at the SXSW conference in Austin.

Magy Avedissian, Joey Wippold, Kurt Parizek, and Nga Tang worked together to create DeHydraTect, an intelligent pacifier that is capable of detecting dehydration by measuring the ionic conductivity of a child's saliva.

The product looks like a normal pacifier, but has a small stuffed animal attached to it.

Their product is now patent pending.

The group wants to eventually develop a smart phone app that parents could use in conduction with the smart pacifier.

Another short-term goal for them is to figure out how to make the device smaller.

Currently, the sensor is inside of the small stuffed animal. They want to miniaturize the device as much as possible.

They won $5,000 in the Aggies Invent competition and will put that towards further development of their product.

Click on the attached videos to watch interviews with the team members.

For more information on DeHydraTect or to work with the team, please contact dehydratect@gmail.com.