Advocates raise awareness about leaving animals out in the cold

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NAVASOTA, Tex. (KBTX) - As the temperatures begin to drop overnight, some people have decided to stay outside in the cold.

Animal rights advocates set up dog crates and igloos Saturday night in Navasota to show how cold it gets when dogs are left in outside during cold temperatures.

They are working to bring awareness to state laws that require people to bring their pets inside during certain hours and not leave them out in the cold.

"There are laws on the books right now in Texas that can improve the lives of local animals. Animal law is kind of a new thing so there's a lot of gray area, a lot of misunderstanding, so what we want to do is provide information so citizens know this is the law, this is what we can do," said advocate Amy Short.

The group is also providing people with phone numbers to call if they see an animal being neglected.