After two weeks of online learning, BISD, CSISD ready to start grading

Published: Apr. 6, 2020 at 5:02 PM CDT
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Students all over Brazos County have been getting used to online classes, but this week they start getting graded.

"Right now, it's grace before grades," said BISD Associate Superintendent of Teaching and Learning Barbara Ybarra. "We will continue with the 6th six weeks, and we will continue with new grades. However, we've posted some new grading guidelines for that sixth six weeks."

Grading guideline changes include having a single daily grade per week and removing major grades going forward. Ybarra also explained that students will now have to go through Schoology to get to their coursework.

"[Monday] makes the starting of it all being in one place," said Ybarra. "Many teachers will continue in their Google classrooms that they already had established, but the students will go to Schoology first and will then be redirected."

CSISD Interim Superintendent Mike Martindale said their grading process isn't finalized just yet.

"Tuesday afternoon, we'll have principals clarify on how we're going to handle grades for the 5th and 6th six weeks to finish out this time during closure and during COVID-19," said Martindale.

Once this is established, students will begin receiving grades.

"In regards to high school credit courses, we're not going to count the grades for the second semester in the GPA calculations,' said Martindale. "With the exception of seniors, we're going to calculate those through the 4th six weeks."

Martindale mentioned that they have plans to provide seven campuses with WiFi hot-spots in the parking lots in the near future.

He also mentioned that they've seen about 95% of high school students log on to Schoology in the first and second week, and expect to see it increase more now that grades will be counted later this week.

"I'm so impressed and so inspired by our parents and our students. It's incredible to see the progress and the engagement that's happened thus far through the enrichment activities," said Ybarra.