Pet owners in Brazos County must have this tag on their animals

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COLLEGE STATION, Tex. (KBTX) - In Brazos County, the county's ordinance requires any cat, dog, or ferret owner to apply for a license within thirty days of residence in Brazos County.

Click here to learn more about the tags and how to register online.

To show they are registered with the county, each animal is given a tag that provides many benefits for the owners. Brazos County Sheriff's Office says the tag allows them to quickly return lost animals to their owners.

"If they do have the tag we have the owners information," says Darby Kolle of the Aggieland Humane Society. "It saves you impound fees at shelters, it saves a lot of time and money."

The benefits don't stop there. If an animal has a tag, Aggieland Humane Society will hold a pet for 10 days, instead of the standard three, before putting the pet up for adoption.

When a lost animal comes into their shelter, Aggieland Humane Society says they do whatever it takes to get in contact with the owner.

"We immediately start calling and say 'hey we've got your pet here'," says Kolle. "If that first phone number doesn't work we look for a second number. We go on facebook and try to find you so we make every effort."

Kolle says there are many owners who aren't aware of the law in Brazos County. Either because they bought their pet outside of the county or their veterinarian didn't notify them.

According to Aggieland Humane Society, not every vet will inform owner of the county tag.

Kelsey McClellan, a resident in College Station is one of those, says she was never told.

"I am not aware of what it requires of what the law requires," says McClellan, the brand new owner of a 12-week old pug names Bonnie after purchasing the animal in Dallas. "I don't know how many other people know about it, but I did not as a new dog owner.

The Bryan Animal Shelter says they have a sign posted out of the front of the shelter telling people to make sure their animals are tagged.

They also inform people who adopt from their shelter of what is required of them.

The tag costs owners $15 a year. Before you can get the county tag, an owner must show that the pet has received its rabies shots.