Agriculture's role in celebrating Christmas

Our traditional Christmas celebrations wouldn’t be possible without production agriculture. Everything from the trees we decorate, to the tables we gather around, to the food we eat has its beginning in agriculture. Duane Peters is the Brazos County Judge and also a rancher.

“If you look back at the biblical story, Christ was born in what we believe to be a stable, so that’s a connection directly back to agriculture. The first group, I think, that saw the star and recognized it as something of significance and followed it to Bethlehem was shepherds who were watching their flock, so there’s another direct link back to agriculture back in those days.”

Peters says that agriculture has always played a big role in the way we celebrate Christmas. Certainly the food that we enjoy with family and friends is provided by farmers and ranchers, but less obvious are many of the gifts that we exchange whose origin was on a farm or ranch.

“If it weren’t for those folks out there that are actually producing, those really are the people we need to give thanks to for the product we have in the stores the day we walk in. It’s those guys out there in the field.”

Judge Peters says that Christmas should be a time when we count all of our blessings.

“We’ve been blessed to have people who are willing to potentially give up their lives for the freedom that we have and for those first responders who run toward an event rather than away from it. They protect us in any situation that we get into, and of course the military, we’ve got the best military in the world. If it weren’t for our military being on the first line of defense, we wouldn’t be here.”