Air Jordan 4 features Levi's Denim

In trending news this morning, an anticipated shoe release causes many to line up in the cold, and Michigan residents saw a ball of fire blazing through the sky.

First up, the limited edition Air Jordan 4 hit shelves Wednesday. The shoe is made from Levi's Denim. People have been waiting in line for it since Monday. They cost 225 dollars a piece.

There's also a matching Levi's trucker jacket so you can really stunt on some people with that outfit. The jacket is reversible and has red patched underarms as a nod to the original Jordan sneaker.

Also trending, the U.S. Geologic Survey says a meteor lit up the skies across Michigan Tuesday night. Many residents in the area reported seeing the fireball and hearing a boom. Others captured it on social media.

The meteor was also spotted in several other states and Canada. The National Weather Service says it caused a magnitude 2.0 earthquake around 40 miles from Detroit.