Alexa scaring users after device randomly laughs

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In trending news this morning, Alexa has an eerie new laugh that's scaring users, plus a Japanese appetizer "cries" as it's cooked, and a dog teaches herself a new trick.

First up, Amazon is working to figure out why Alexa devices across the country are randomly laughing at users. Amazon says it is aware of reports of unprompted eerie laughter on some Alexa devices. The noise consists of three short "ha" sounds in a female voice that does not sound like Alexa's normal voice.

Amazon says it's working to fix the issue. The company did not say what is causing the problem or how many users are experiencing it.

Another strange sound is trending too. A video of Japanese food called 'tama konnyaku' went viral last week because of its peculiar, vocal behavior during cooking. Loud "cries" and "screams" can be heard coming from the frying pan as the food is pressed and turned.

The food is popular appetizer in Japan, and has a smooth, chewy texture. It has almost zero calories, no carbs, and a ton of fiber, making it a healthy choice.

Also trending, a clever dog in southwest China rides around the streets on a scooter like a human, regularly attracting attention from locals. The six-month-old dog named Xiao Hei, or "Little Black", stands upright with her front paws hanging on the handlebars of the scooter and her hind leg propelling herself forward.

When tired, the dog stands fully on the scooter with both back feet, urging her owner to push her along. Little Black's owner says she learned to ride the scooter all on her own.