All-time record low set on this day in 1949

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BRYAN, Tex. (KBTX) - The all-time record low temperature for Bryan/College Station was set on this day, January 31st, back in 1949. The thermometer bottomed out at -3 degrees. Now, that's cold!

In 1949, the cost of a new home was just a little under $7,500.

If you were in need of a new car, it would put you back a little under $1,500. The cost nowadays? On average, you'll be spending over $30,000 on a new car.

Even the price of gas was very low. It would cost you around 17 cents for a gallon! The current national average is about $2.50.

A few more things of note from back then. Color television was starting to become more popular in 1949. The television EMMY Awards started and the first Polaroid Camera was sold.