American, Canadian rush to marry before border closes due to coronavirus

BOZEMAN, Mont. (KBZK/CNN) - An American-Canadian couple chose to get married and celebrate love despite the coronavirus, but they had to do it quickly, before the border closed.

Canadian Ester Hertwig and American James Townly decided to move up their wedding in anticipation of the border between the two countries closing. (Source: KBZK/CNN)

Canadian Ester Hertwig and American James Townly originally planned to cancel their wedding, set for April, when they heard about the novel coronavirus, but then, they decided to move it forward instead.

To beat the border closing, the two got married Tuesday in Bozeman, Montana.

Some friends and family weren’t able to go to the wedding due to travel restrictions, but many were able to participate via FaceTime.

However, most importantly, Ester Hertwig’s parents were able to cross over from Canada just in time.

"A week ago, I was already mourning the fact that when the wedding takes place in April, as we thought, we would not be able to cross the border. I could see it's going to close, and I thought we were going to miss it. I'm so thankful we're here right now," said Ulli Hertwig, the mother of the bride.

The happy couple is waiting to plan their honeymoon until all the coronavirus-related travel restrictions are lifted.

The United States and Canada agreed Wednesday to temporarily close their shared border, the world’s longest, to nonessential travel. It will bring a halt to tourism and family visits but leave the flow of trade intact, the Associated Press reports.

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