Angels take the stage for Victoria's Secret Fashion Show

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In trending news this morning, angels took the stage in the Victoria's Secret Fashion Show, a lost crocodile takes in the sun on a Florida beach, and a live shot of the Georgia Dome's implosion gets an unwanted guest.

First up, 55 wing-clad angels took the runway in Shanghai, China on Monday for this year's Victoria's Secret Fashion Show. It was the first time the show has ever been filmed in China. This year's fantasy bra is called the Champagne Nights Fantasy Bra. And it is valued at two million dollars. It's dripping in diamonds, yellow sapphires, blue topaz and 18-karat gold.

This years show will also be the final one for supermodel and veteran angel Alessandra Ambrosio. It will air on CBS, November 28th.

Also trending, video of a crocodile spotted on a beach in Florida made the rounds yesterday. According to the City of Hollywood, the six foot crocodile came from the Dania Beach Pier before stopping in the surf.

Officials kept people at a distance as the crocodile laid at the shoreline of the beach. While police were waiting for Florida Fish and Wildlife to arrive, the crocodile decided to move on and slowly walked back into the water. He was eventually rescued and loaded onto a vehicle.

Lastly, crowds in Atlanta had a blast yesterday morning, watching the implosion of the massive Georgia Dome. But a camera crew recording the event exploded with frustration.

A city transit bus pulled in front of them at the worst possible moment. While the weather was perfect, the weather channel's shot was anything but.