Animal Control investigates accusations made at local pet shop

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COLLEGE STATION, Tex. (KBTX) - A local pet shop is getting a lot of attention on social media. The posts allege neglect and safety concerns for the animals.

College Station Animal Control visited the Puppy Station in Post Oak Mall Tuesday and found no violations.

By Wednesday, the Facebook post had been shared nearly 900 times. The viral pictures and video came from former Puppy Station employee, Tiffani Smith.

Smith says she's been concerned about the dogs ever since she was fired in 2016.

"I made reports to the police station and to animal control and nothing ended up coming from it,” said Smith.

Smith took pictures and videos of the store's condition on her last day. She said she wanted proof of the store's condition.

"A mop bucket full of strong Clorox is kept right next to the puppy cage and they are breathing those fumes in,” said Smith. “All of the chemical bottles aren't labeled. Everything is cluttered and a mess and the cages are rusting and falling apart."

She also claims the owner didn't want to provide emergency care for an animal that had an eye injury.

"That was my wake up call, me noticing that dog hurt,” said Smith.

But the store’s owner, Thomas Lindsey, says the pictures and videos posted online don't reflect their daily operations.

"A lot of the people saying those accusations have never even been here before and I would just like them to come in and have a look for themselves," he said.

Lindsey says the store is regularly cleaned. He took our cameras on a tour. In regards to allegations the animals are denied veterinary care, Lindsay says they do take animals when necessary.

"We have to scrub the cages every hour, change the papers every hour. We make sure the dogs always have water in their bowls. We also feed the dogs twice a day,” said Lindsey.

A spokesperson with College Station police said Animal Control was called twice Tuesday. When they visited the store, officers found no violations or issues with the store’s operations.