Exotic zoo animals caught on camera celebrating Halloween

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From wombats and monkeys, to Fiona the hippo and running dinosaurs, today's trending stories show even animals can enjoy Halloween!

First up, several of the animals at Brookfield Zoo near Chicago enjoyed Halloween treats over the weekend. Animal care staff carved some of the pumpkins and filled them with additional food items.

As part of the Chicago Zoological Society's Center for the Science of Animal Welfare, keepers give the animals items they normally do not receive on a regular basis, including pumpkins, to physically and mentally stimulate them.

Over in Cincinnati, talk about hungry hungry hippos! The zoo's celebrity hippo, Fiona, got into the Halloween spirit by chowing down on a huge pumpkin!

The zoo said it was Fiona's first taste of the festive fall fruit. She and her parents appeared to enjoy themselves.

And for the second year in a row, folks wearing dinosaur costumes laced up their running shoes for Nashville's "T-Rex Stampede." Organizers say the event started as a joke on social media, but it quickly gained steam. Now they're hoping it'll become an annual tradition.

This year about 25 people participated. No word on if all that running left the dinos - sore.