Local families honor loved ones lost to violence

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BRYAN, Tex. (KBTX) - Many in Bryan and College Station who have lost loved ones to violence were invited to United Methodist Church in Bryan for the Tree of Angels Ceremony hosted by the Brazos County District Attorney's Office Tuesday evening.

Visitors honored loved ones by placing ornaments on a Christmas tree in their memory. They also to support those who are still here.

"Families who have lost loved ones have a hard time during the holiday season," says Melissa Carter, who is a victims assistance coordinator for the Brazos County District Attorney's Office. "Especially when you have lost a loved one to crime."

The Munoz family of Bryan were in attendance at the ceremony. They honored Johnathan Munoz, who lost his life in September in a shooting at Williamson Park in Bryan.

"The support means a lot," says Jeanette Munoz, mother of Johnathan Munoz. "When you are sitting at home thinking nothing is getting done, and you come out here to see all the people to support you. They really are thinking about you."

When Johnathan's name was called, a large contingency of Munoz friends and family came up to place an ornament on the tree.

"The ornament that I placed up there, I made it," say Munoz. "I made it myself because I wanted to put love into it."

However, despite the support from family and community, the wound is still fresh for the Munoz family.

"It feels like I have to replay the whole thing over over," says Munoz. "I just want justice for my son."

The tree will be moved to the Brazos County Courthouse where it will remain on the third floor for the remainder of the year.