Area first responders learn trauma skills, target shoot by helicopter

Published: Jan. 7, 2016 at 5:15 PM CST
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First responders from the Brazos Valley gathered at a local ranch Thursday for medical training and also some shooting practice including from a helicopter.

It wasn't a typical day for about 35 local police officers, firefighters and paramedics. Skeet shooting an machine guns came at the end of the day. Learning techniques on responding to serious trauma came first, something Brazos County Constable Jeff Reeves has seen before.

"We've been through it at Precinct 1 when we had Brian Bachmann shot and killed, and you know, at the same time, if it's a severe injury or something like that, it's a wonderful thing what these doctors are teaching us," Reeves said.

Dr. Andy Wilson with Caprock Emergency helped sponsor the day of teaching.

"Looking at trauma from a new lens of what may look like minor trauma that ends up being actually a major trauma situation and what to do when there's an active shooter or a mass casualty situation," Dr. Wilson said.

Once the lectures wrapped up, the incentive for many to sign up came. Helibacon hog hunting company offered flights at Tonkaway Ranch near College Station and a target shooting competition.

"It's wonderful stuff, good training," Reeves said.

State Rep. Kyle Kacal hosted it all at his ranch.

"I want these folks to have the best tools and education they can, and this is an opportunity for them to get educated, learn and have a little fun, which they deserve," said Kacal, a Republican who represents District 12.

While it looks like a lot of fun and games it's also important for law enforcement as they stay proficient with firearms.

"We've shot a lot of automatic weapons, different kinds of weaponry but there are some officers out here today that probably haven't shot a lot of this stuff and need to have some exposure and once again," Reeves said.

Caprock Emergency is hoping to offer the program in the future and more lectures for first responders.