Arizona mans leaves $2,000 tip for diner staff

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In trending news this morning, an Arizona diner left a very generous tip, Google is documenting red crab migrations using Street View, and new yogurt is inspired by Girl Scout cookies.

First up, Christmas came early at an Arizona diner thanks to a very generous customer. Employees say a man came in and ordered bacon and eggs. When he left, he left behind a $2,000 tip on his $17 breakfast.

A note on the receipt asked that the money be split among the entire diner staff. Employees say the "Secret Santa's" act of kindness seems to be contagious. Another employee reportedly received a $200 tip.

Also trending, every year in Australia, millions of red crabs migrate across Christmas Island. The incredible natural event lasts two weeks and is a major tourist draw.

This year, google will cover the amazing experience using its Street View experience. There are around 50 million crabs on the island. Google says viewers will be able to experience the imagery in early 2018.

Lastly, Yoplait is launching three new flavors inspired by Girl Scout cookies. They are thin mints, caramel coconut and peanut butter chocolate.

The flavors are also gluten-free and contain no high fructose corn syrup. Yoplait says all three yogurts will be available at stores nationwide beginning this month. And they will be available all year round.