Arrest records: Hazana Anderson beaten, killed by mother and her boyfriend

COLLEGE STATION, Tex. (KBTX) - Probable cause statements obtained from Galveston County say TiAundra Christon and her boyfriend, Kenny D'Shawn Hewett, beat and killed 2-year-old Hazana Anderson on October 19.

It wasn't until nine days later, on October 28, that Christon reported Hazana missing in College Station.

According to investigators, Christon and Hewett were staying in a hotel room in Houston, Texas from October 17 to October 20. On the night of October 19, Christon told investigators Hazana left with Hewett to get food. When they returned, Hazana was crying and Hewett was upset, hitting her with a belt "causing whelps to her legs, arms, and face."

Christon said Hewett told her to discipline her child, so she beat Hazana "a couple of times" with the belt before Hewett became dissatisfied with her and began hitting the girl again. The couple eventually realized Hazana was unconscious, but Christon told investigators she believed she had a pulse. Christon and Hewett took Hazana to the bathtub to revive her, but were not successful. They then attempted to warm the girl's body with a hair dryer, but only caused burns to her skin.

Christon told detectives she kept Hazana's corpse in the back floorboard of her car for three days before wrapping Hazana's body in a garbage bag, tying a large rock to it, and disposing of it in the lake in Texas City where deputies found remains on Wednesday.

Five days after disposing of the body, Christon reported Hazana missing from her stroller at Gabbard Park in College Station. She told police at the time that she stepped away from the stroller briefly and returned to find the child gone. Two witnesses later told police that they did not see or hear a child in the area at all. Police also found a women's handbag in a trashcan near Christon's car containing a toy baby doll wearing Hazana's clothing, which Christon could not explain. She was subsequently arrested by College Station Police for filing a false report and abandoning/endangering a child.

Following that arrest, police were able to connect Christon to Hewett using cell phone records. She identified Hewett as her boyfriend or fiance. He was arrested and charged with tampering with a human corpse on October 31. Online records showed Christon was also charged with tampering with a human corpse in a Galveston County court.

The two remained in jail Friday night on a combined $1.25 million bond.