Texas Toddler hits Astros player impressions out of the park

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In trending news this morning, a young baseball fan does batting impressions, "Victory Fridges" offer free beer with a twist, and Eagles fans troll the Patriots.

First up, a young Astros fan from Tomball is knocking his batting impressions out of the park. Two-year-old Corey learned every Astros player's swings by watching his favorite team play.

His parents say they never push baseball or the Houston team on their son -- he genuinely loves it. Every time an Astros player is up to bat, Corey will practice batting like them and watch himself in the reflection of the fireplace.

Also trending, Bud Light "Victory Fridges" containing free beer have been set up all over Cleveland. But in order for the fridges to be opened, the Browns have to get their first regular season win this year.

That's not necessarily guaranteed to happen. The team went win-less last season - and the season before that, they only notched a single victory. The Browns tweeted about the promotion to their fans Tuesday saying "You've stood by us through it all. We love you for it, and so does @budlight."

Lastly, Philadelphia Eagles fans are trolling the New England Patriots with a giant billboard. The sign celebrating the Eagles' Super Bowl Victory has been placed in Foxborough, Massachusetts, where plenty of Patriots will see it.

The design congratulates the Eagles on being world champions. It features two players with the numbers 41 and 33 on the back of their jerseys. Both represent the final score of the fateful game.