Avoiding back-to-school scams and rip-offs

As families prepare to send kids back to school, Adam Price with the Better Business Bureau is warning parents not to fall for back-to-school scams.

"Anytime you're shopping online, there's a possible scam," said Price. "Counterfeit products [are on the rise], so if your kiddo needs the latest and greatest backpack, and you go do a search online for it, make sure it's a legitimate website."

One specific thing to watch out for: make sure you see an "s" after the "http" in the web address. Price says that means it's a secure site for your credit or debit card information.

Furthermore, always question a request for your child's social security number.

"If the doctor asks for it, ask why," said Price. "And are they going to keep that information safe?"

Plus, before you do your back-to-school shopping, check out this advice from the BBB:

· Make a list

· Shop at home

· Research big items

· Look for sales

· Save receipts

· Shop safely online

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