BCS Chamber: Current unemployment numbers helped by strong pre-COVID status

BRYAN, Tex. (KBTX) - Unemployment numbers for the Bryan-College Station area sit at 3.8%, significantly lower than the national average of 14.7% currently.

Picture: MGN

Glen Brewer, president and CEO of the BCS Chamber of Commerce, says the reason is simple: the area had low unemployment numbers before the pandemic began.

“While we’ve seen the same devastation as other people, starting from such good numbers has allowed us to make the numbers look good by comparison,” Brewer said on First News at Four. “But we still they’re going to continue to get worse numbers unless we start to open up.”

Brewer, like many other business leaders, is advocating for a gradual, and he stresses safe, reopening of the local economy. The process has already begun with a series of phases from the governor’s office.

“We have to build on that,” Brewer said. “If our businesses stray closed, we’re headed to depression level numbers. It compounds itself exponentially as you’re closed week after week. So by slowly opening up, we’re just trying to keep these businesses alive, keep them going, keep them able to hire some people back to do this safely as try to ramp back up.”

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