B/CS Water Services issue call to conserve water

Published: Aug. 3, 2016 at 3:04 PM CDT
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Higher temperatures lead to higher water usage. It happens every summer and it's once again prompting a plea from Bryan and College Station Water Services. They're asking all of us to cut back wherever we can.

Both Bryan and College Station are seeing average daily water use around 20 million gallons.

Charles Rhodes is with Bryan Water Services. He says, "For us, we have a peak of about 30 million gallons per day. That's what we can actually produce. So while we're not at the upper end of our production capacity, we certainly are starting to get there."

It's getting a little too close for comfort, says Jennifer Nations, College Station's Water Resources Coordinator.

'That doesn't leave us a whole lot of room for water line breaks, if a piece of equipment goes out, if we have a well pump go out, if we have fires."

This time of year, the increased usage is due to overusing sprinkler systems.

Rhodes says, "If your irrigate in the afternoon, up to 90% of that water is just wasted due to evaporation."

If water usage continues to go up, it could trigger phase one of the drought contingency plan.

Nations says, "Don't water more than two times per week. Don't water in the middle of the day. Those things become required if we go into our drought plan, but we can do them right now. There's nothing stopping people from doing it now. If you're watering every day, stop. If you're watering in the middle of the day, stop. If you have broken sprinkler heads, fix them."

If you need some extra help figuring out the best way to water your lawn, College Station customers can get a free irrigation check up.

Nations says, "We look at how many days per week they're watering, how many minutes each zone has. We show them how to go through each zone and look for the leaky sprinkler heads, and then we give them a suggested irrigation schedule and say 'Look, you were watering three days a week for 20 minutes. We're going to suggest you water 2 days a week for 15 minutes.'"

If you don't live in College Station, you can still get irrigation help by signing up for


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