B/CS one of the fastest growing metro areas for 2015, housing costs hurting some

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COLLEGE STATION - Bryan / College Station is one of the top 20 fastest growing metropolitan areas for 2015 according the to U.S. Census.

That's something that's not without its hurdles to jump.

It's a designation that's getting the attention of businesses and city leaders.

There are also some challenges for a growing population.

We've talked about the building boom of businesses, homes to hundreds of more apartment units being built, but affordable housing is a concern some local residents tell us they are facing.

Earlier this week you told you about housing prices being at an all-time high with more people moving to the area but some residents are being priced out.

Jessica Sweed has lived at her College Station apartment complex for more than seven years, which is now being transitioned to student townhomes.

Sweed's rent for her three bedroom, two bath space is going up so much, she says she'll have to move in May and doesn't have many options.

"We just don't know where to go and it's just not only with Windsor Pointe, it's College Station in general. Where should we go? We need to be able to afford something too. They're building all the new apartments. Give us, give us something," Sweed said.

"It looks like they're renovating a whole lot of the apartments and they're making them a whole lot nicer and they're trying to get a lot of students in here whereas whenever I moved in here about eight months ago it was mostly families and things," said Ricky Nunley, a Texas A&M Student also living in the complex.

We stopped by the apartment complex office to get their take on the situation but nobody was there on Good Friday.

We also left a message with their corporate office but have not heard back.

While being one of the fastest growing communities is something city leaders are proud of, there are also challenges including more traffic, more costs for city infrastructure and housing costs.

College Station City Council Member James Benham shared his thoughts on that Friday afternoon.

"That's always going to be a challenge in any city that's growing and has a high strain on demand for housing is you're going to have typically rates, rate pressure going up because of the surplus influx of people, so it's just something that we've got to be aware of as a city," Benham said.

While we are in a time of high growth, Benham says that won't always be the case and lot of this is tied to current expansion at Texas A&M.