B/CS residents say they have challenges contacting ofo about bike problems

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BRYAN, Tex. (KBTX) - ofo bikes are still creating some headaches for residents in Bryan and College Station.

The bike share company has now expanded the area where bikes can be used.

Former Bryan Mayor Jason Bienski sent us a photo of his rental house in College Station.

"One bike was kind of hanging off the side - halfway on, halfway off. The other one was on top with the kickstand," he explained.

The students inside and Bienski say it was part of a prank other friends did to the residents. The bikes were removed as of Thursday morning and the students said they won't let that happen again.

"They had taken the bikes off and apologized," said Bienski. "We did talk with Mayor Mooney and Debbie Eller at the City of College Station. They've been great to work with... And have contacted ofo early on to find out you know what their responsibility is and how they can assist," said Bienski.

But Bienski and others KBTX talked to say it's been difficult hearing back from ofo when there's an issue.

The company recently expanded their service area in both cities.
There's a $5 fee if you go outside that boundary.

"Ours have been here over a week now also," said Phil Haas, CEO of Beautiful Abilities in Bryan.

He says after one had been left on the sidewalk on 29th Street, he moved it closer to his building for safety. Then a second bike was docked.

His Facebook post of the bikes prompted lots of responses. He says he also contacted ofo.

"They did acknowledge it's a big problem. I thought they were going to send somebody up. They never did," said Haas.

He thinks some more solutions are needed.

"I appreciate Channel 3 looking at this problem. I think the community needs to have some awareness and something new needs to happen. That's all we ask," he said.

KBTX has reached out to representatives with ofo for a response for this story.

We'll keep you posted on what they say. We've been told they are adjusting to the expanded service area.

Issues with the bikes can be reported to ofobikes@tamu.edu