"BHS" threat on social media has no connection to Bryan ISD

Published: Feb. 22, 2018 at 4:10 PM CST
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A new, fast-circulating school threat on social media appears to have no connection to Bryan High School.

On Thursday, several Bryan parents and students contacted KBTX to express concerns over a threat seen on social media. Specifically, the message says "Attention all bhs students prepare too see my wrath tomorrow."

KBTX has been able to trace the threat to a small community south of Albuquerque, New Mexico.

This week a 16-year-old sophomore was arrested and charged in Belen, New Mexico for online threats to Belen High School (BHS).

It's unclear how the screenshot of the threat began circulating in the Brazos Valley. Brazos County 911 officials report also receiving phone calls from concerned parents and students.

Police in New Mexico say the student admitted to posting the threat as a joke, and did it to get attention.

The following is a message sent from Bryan ISD to parents
Bryan ISD officials and Bryan PD are aware of the alleged, anonymous school threats taking place across the country, in neighboring districts and in our own District. The most recent threat making its way around social media circles referenced “BHS,” which some in our community viewed to be a reference to Bryan High School. The threat, which has since proven to be unfounded, resulted in the arrest of a student from Belen High School (BHS) in New Mexico. In any instance where threats are identified as local or concerns persist in our community, the District partners closely with Bryan PD, as we have today. The widely distributed threat made its way across state lines and has again drawn attention to the need for vigilance and partnership between schools, students, parents and the police. We thank Bryan PD for their continued support and appreciate our proactive and security-conscious students and parents for assisting us in keeping our schools safe. Law enforcement personnel will continue to work closely with us to identify the source of any potential local threat. We will partner with them to enforce maximum discipline and press charges to the fullest extent of the law on any individual who threatens the safety of our schools Anyone who becomes aware of threats or has information relating to school violence and terroristic activities should contact campus administrators and law enforcement immediately.