BVTM goes back to school: Madisonville CISD

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MADISONVILLE- Each day of the first week of school, we are visiting a different district in our area. On Wednesday, we visited Madisonville CISD!

Madisonville CISD students are back on a campus that looks much different than when they left for summer break!

The elementary, junior high, and high school campuses are all under construction. The school district is building new classrooms, band halls, and expanding the cafeteria, among other large projects.

The construction will allow them to offer more classes for students but for now, administrators want to remind everyone to stay safe in the work zones.

"Primary concern will be student safety at this point with all of the construction because we do have some traffic issues right now in different areas of the different campuses, so we want to be especially conscious of that," explains Madisonville High School Principal, Mr. Heath Brown.

The construction is extensive, but school officials believe that it will be worth it in the end to be able to give students and teachers more space.

"We do have the band halls going up on different campuses and that is going to be a great thing, not just for band, but it also opens up more areas for our theater arts programs and our choir programs so as far as the space goes, that is really going to help all of our programs. We are also excited about a couple of the new programs such as culinary arts that will go in next year with the new building as well as small engine repair," explains Brown.

The construction is expected to be completed next summer.

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Click the videos above to see interviews with Principal Brown, as well as cheerleaders, volleyball players, football players, and band members.