BVTM team puts Lay's "Tastes of America" chips to a taste test

BRYAN, Tex. (KBTX) - Lay's has released its "Tastes of America" line of potato chips. Flavors are inspired by regional favorites like chili con queso and deep dish pizza. But the chips are only available in the regions they represent.

Friday morning, the cast of Brazos Valley This Morning put the new flavors to a taste test.

Here's what they had to say:

Chili con Queso
Josh: "I am into that!"
Courtney: "Good news. Our regional one is the best one."
Max: "Hmm... okay!"

New England Lobster Roll
Josh: "Not incredibly lobster-y."
Courtney: "It's good!"
Max: "That tastes like cheddar and sour cream."

Fried Pickles with Ranch
Josh (doesn't like pickles): "Those are not bad!"
Courtney: "I like them... but I love pickles!"
Max: "Yeah! It works!"

Cajun Spice
Courtney: "This is one of my top two."
Max: "Middle of the road. Nothing special, but definitely not bad. Tastes like they added some pepper to BBQ flavor."

Chesapeake Bay Crab Spice
Courtney: "Yuck! Least favorite."
Max: "I love seafood, but this is too fishy for a potato chip."

Deep Dish Pizza
Courtney: "Not a fan. Tastes too tomato-ey."
Max: "Ha! That actually tastes like pizza!"

Pimento Cheese
Courtney: "I like the cheese part, but then it just got weird.
Max: "Not my favorite, but not bad. Worth a try."

Thai Sweet Chili
Courtney: "I thought it would be my least favorite, but for a sweet chip it's not bad."
Max: "It'll do. At some point these all start to taste the same, but this one is different. Agree with Courtney here."

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