Mystery flavor Oreo taste test

In trending news today, if you're headed to the store this week, you might wanna pick up a pack of Oreo cookies because they could earn you $50,000! Also trending, it was total PANDAmonium in China when 36 news panda cubs made their debut and a popular sneaker company is launching a new way to make custom sneakers.

First up, to get in on the chance to win $50,000, the BVTM anchors took a taste test of the new Oreo Mystery flavor cookie! Anyone who can figure out the flavor could be eligible for a chance to win $50,000. Those who guess the correct flavor by November 30th will be considered for the grand prize.

If you don't win that one, there are five $10,000 prizes also being offered. You're only allowed one guess each day during the sweepstakes period. Visit for more details.

Also trending this morning, it was literal pandamonium in China when 36 new panda cubs made their debut yesterday. They were all born in 2017 but they vary in age and size.

This has been the largest number of births in a single year since the breeding program began at the China Conservation and Research Center for the Giant Panda. The numbers provide a much needed boost to the vulnerable global panda population. Each cub could potentially be reintroduced to the wild at a later time.

Finally, something new is cooking in custom sneakers. Asics will soon have special microwave ovens at stores that can literally "bake the sole" of a new athletic shoe.

That means you can customize fit, firmness and color in seconds. The process uses special pellets that will be baked in store. The company says it's a little more earth friendly than traditional custom shoe manufacturing.