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Published: Jan. 13, 2020 at 9:12 AM CST
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Most kids in our area are already back at school after the holidays, but some of them are going back with sicknesses that they happen to spread to other students.

Dr. Thomas Campbell with CHI St. Joseph Health in Bryan says we are right in the middle of flu season, and it typically peaks during the holiday season. However, the biggest peak for flu numbers is actually in February.

Dr. Campbell says to always monitor fevers, which they define as 100.4 or higher.

“If you have breakthrough fevers, you have to get something cold in or get the temperature down with a tepid bath, something less than body temperature to get the heat out,” Dr. Campbell said.

Dr. Campbell also says it is not too late to get your flu shot, but it takes about two weeks to kick in.

“Even if you have gotten one strain of the flu, you can get the other strain of the flu, and the flu vaccine covers more than one,” Dr. Campbell said.

In order to stop the spread of the flu, doctors recommend covering your mouth when you cough, stay home if you’re feeling sick, wash your hands, and get your flu vaccine as soon as possible.

Dr. Campbell says Flu B is what is going around right now, but they’re also seeing RSV, standard strep, and the common cold.

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