Bakery sells Tide Pod cookies to highlight dangers of new trend

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In trending news this morning, Malala Yousafzai teams up with Apple to sends girls to school, plus the king of beers gets dethroned, and a bakery is making cookies to highlight the dangers of the Tide Pod challenge.

First up, the Tide Pod challenge is no laughing matter. The dangerous new trend in which teenagers put Tide Pods filled with laundry detergent in their mouths has taken over the internet. But Peggy's Bake Shoppe in Wellsboro has found a way to put a positive spin on the trend with their new Tide Pod Cookie.

Through the cookies, Peggy Geer, a former medic, has been able to open up a dialogue with the kids who come into the shop, and inform them of the dangers of the tide pod challenge. They say its not often a cookie is the healthier choice, but in this case it is.

Also trending, Budweiser is no longer one of America's three most popular beers. That's according to the trade publication Beer Marketer's insights, which has kept track since the mid-1970s. Before 2001, Budweiser was the top-selling U.S. beer, but it relinquished that crown to Bud Light. Then Coors Light knocked Budweiser out of the second spot in 2011.

Now Miller Lite has taken over third place, relegating Bud to number four. Though Miller Lite is now part of the top three, its sales dipped in 2017, they just didn't fall as far as Bud's. In fact, all four top-selling beers slipped last year. Overall, beer sales were down slightly in the U.S. last year.

Lastly, education activist and Nobel peace prize winner Malala Yousafzai is teaming up with Apple to help tens of thousands of girls go to school. Her charity, the Malala Fund, is receiving a substantial investment from the tech giant.

Apple says its support will enable Malala's charity to double the number of grants it provides for girls' secondary education in India and Latin America. The initial goal of Apple's funding is to help more than 100,000 girls.