Future of Barron Road includes more traffic signals, widening

Published: Feb. 6, 2020 at 5:34 PM CST
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More than 14,000 vehicles travel along Barron Road every day. City planners are looking at ways to improve the road now and for the future.

College Station is making one its intersections safer with a new traffic light at Alexandria Avenue at Barron Road. The location has seen its share of accidents.

"They're trying to cross four lanes of traffic so I think they take a little more risk than they should sometimes and we've seen quite a few accidents that happen there," said Steve Mosallimy, a College Station Resident.

His home backs up to Barron and his fence has been hit before by drivers. While he's glad to have a new signal by his house, there's something else on his wish list.

"At [Highway] 6 there instead of stop signs maybe a light," he said.

City staff say they are looking at signals for Barron and Highway 6 intersection as part of the highway's upcoming widening project.

"There has been some discussion in the past of extending Barron Road over to the new Midtown area. However that was the location of the former garbage facility and so dealing with the environmental remedies in that area would be prohibitively expensive," said Dan Rudge with the Bryan / College Station Metropolitan Planning Organization.

He and city staff say other changes are coming.

"Eventually I think the city would like to improve Barron Road to be a little bit wider especially in the western side," said Rudge.

In the short-term, drivers can expect new signals to be eventually installed on Barron Road at Decatur and Longmire Drive.

"College Station in general as it grows like it has it's very popular you're going to have more traffic with it. And then those problems that come with that, so every city has it," said Mosallimy.

The new signal at Barron and Alexandria cost $282,000. It was on the top of the city's list for needing a signal after a 2016 traffic analysis.

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