Baseball turns to technology to speed up game

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COLLEGE STATION, Texas (KBTX) - Baseball is timeless - seemingly unchanged in its most basic form. But with each passing year, baseball games are getting longer. Something Texas A&M and other schools in the Southeastern Conference are trying to fix.

The solution? A small earpiece the catcher wears inside his helmet.

"It was something that was brought to light this year and something that we chose to do as a group," said Texas A&M Head Baseball Coach Rob Childress. "That is the great thing about being in the Southeastern Conference is it seems like we're out in front of everything everybody does across the country, regardless of the sport."

Similar to the way NFL coaches talk to their quarterbacks, SEC baseball coaches are now able to talk to their catchers directly, rather than using hand signals. Its the first technology of its kind in college baseball.

"I would say I'm in favor of it. Its the kept moving and allowed us to communicate at a faster level in between pitches," Childress said.