Baylor Scott and White Health rolls out new robot doctor

Published: Dec. 12, 2018 at 12:57 PM CST
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Baylor Scott & White Health is rolling out a new kind of quality patient care. Their hospital in College Station welcomed a robot onto the staff.

The new doctor is seeing patients in the intensive care unit. The nurses in the ICU call it ‘Dr. Stan." It can check patients' vitals, monitor their levels, and treat them face to face.

"If the heart rate changes or the condition changes, or any other physical condition changes, we immediately come on the screen and start treating those patients," said Dr. Ibrahim Salajee.

Dr. Salajee is a physician in the ICU. Once he goes home, a doctor from Temple serves as the on-call doctor and treats patients remotely via Dr. Stan.

"ICU is the place where there needs to be the presence of a physician 24 hours," Dr. Salajee said.

Dr. Stan is also taking a huge load off the nurses in the ICU by giving patients immediate access to a physician at all times, instead of calling doctors while they're off the clock.

"If we need anything, we call them and if we need anything throughout the night, we have to wake them up, constantly waking them up, trying to get their attention," said registered nurse Colt Emerson.

Emerson said Dr. Stan helps them not feel like they’ve been left alone on the floor.

"It just makes it way more effective. People are way more alert because they're not tired all the time,” Emerson continued. “It helps our nursing staff feel like they have help. There's a difference when you have an actual doctor on a robot rolling into a room versus you having to call somebody."

Right now, the hospital only has one of these robots and it works only on the ICU floor.

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