Be Remarkable: Woman pledges 51 random acts of kindness each year to honor mom

BRYAN, Tex. (KBTX)- KBTX and Daniel Stark Injury Lawyers are proud to present $500 to Janine Firment in our ongoing Be Remarkable campaign.

Firment is new to Aggieland but long before arriving in Texas she began a movement in Richmond, Virginia called #1forWanda.

Wanda is her mother who passed away at the age of 51 following a battle with breast cancer.

Following her passing, Firment committed to doing 51 random acts of kindness each year in her mother's memory.

“I just hope that they think about her, and I hope it makes them smile. And maybe it will make them do something nice for someone else," said Firment.

"She is truly remarkable, always putting others before herself," said friend Katie Brading who nominated Firment for the Be Remarkable award. "She is a great role model and a great person. I know she would put the $500 to good use.”

If you want to follow Firment's acts of kindness, you can follow her on Instagram by going here or you can join her Facebook group here.

If you have someone you want to nominate for our Be Remarkable campaign click here to be directed to the nomination page.